What Type of Team-Player Are You?

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Research suggests that there is an ideal combination of 4 personality types to every team – too many of one or another and you’ll tip the boat.

Have a go at our quiz to find out what kind of team-player you are (with a little MyChocolate psychology thrown in for good measure!).

1. I believe my strengths lie in

a) Prioritising
b) Researching
c) Listening
d) Taking calculated risks

2. Given the choice, my favourite chocolate would be

a) Mars Bar
b) Green and Blacks ‘Mayan Gold’
c) Ferrero Rocher
d) Yorkie Bar

3. I most dislike

a) Uncertainty
b) Routine
c) Lack of group co-operation
d) Dishonesty, even in the form of white lies

4. My ultimate film icon is

a) Rocky – he started from nothing and powered his way to the top!
b) Gandhi – it’s best to think big
c) Erin Bronkovich – fighting hard for the underdog
d) Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft – at her most kick-ass

5. Others have accused me of being

a) Over-cautious
b) Overlooking important details
c) Afraid of confrontation
d) Argumentative

6. If it was up to me, the staff development budget would be spent on

a) Attending a course based on Timothy Ferris’ ‘The 4 hour working week’ – extra efficiency all round!
b) Tickets to see a motivational speaker
c) Some kind of training in conflict mediation
d) A good old knees up – it’s the best type of team-bonding after all.

Mostly A’s

The Do-er

You are very task-oriented, organised and always meet deadlines. You strive for perfection and tend to avoid risk.

You dislike uncertainty and ambiguity.

As a team-leader, you are exacting, demanding and thorough, though you have a tendency to micro-manage and nit-pick.

Top tip: become more aware of others’ feelings and work at interpersonal and communication skills.

Mostly B’s

The Visionary

You see the big picture and like ideas and concepts. You don’t like getting bogged down in details.

As a team leader, you are dynamic and inspiring, and can offer a lot in the way of long-term strategic thinking.

Top tip: make sure that you don’t slip up with sloppy planning and impulsive decision-making.

Mostly C’s

The Feeler

You are a very strong “context” person, making sure that everyone is on board before proceeding with a task or project.

You are skilled at resolving conflicts and won’t let stronger members dominate team discussions.

Top tip: be careful not to be over-bearing or too controlling. Remember that disputes are normal and healthy for teams.

Mostly D’s

The Boat Rocker

You are open and direct with the other members of the team. You enjoy the rush of adrenalin that comes with an educated gamble.

You won’t hesitate to disagree with the team’s leader or with management.

Top tip: remember that it’s necessary at times to let an issue drop. Nor should you push the team to take unnecessary risks, just for the sake of excitement.

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