Hannah's Story

From art college student, to running indulgent chocolate making events for Google, Amazon and 1000's of others!

This is Hannah's Story

In the Summer of 2003, in the midst of Hannah’s degree and with the niggling feeling that something wasn’t right, Hannah took a trip to Europe to figure out what she wanted to do. It didn’t take long before she realised that her trip seemed to centre around one thing…chocolate! 

Once Hannah was back from my travels, she began to wonder if there was something she could do with her chocolate obsession? Before she knew it, Hannah’s tiny flat had transformed into a makeshift chocolate kitchen. She started to experiment with batches of fresh cream truffles, pralines and even a spiced chocolate cocktail. Unsurprisingly, friends and family were more than willing to taste her creations and soon wanted to try their hand at chocolate making too. With this, a new idea started to form. Could Hannah host chocolate workshops?

Thinking she had something unique, Hannah took the plunge. She dropped out of university and MyChocolate was born. The final part of the jigsaw was complete when she began to hire actors and train them to become Chocolatiers, thus ensuring that MyChocolate workshops are delivered in the most theatrical and flamboyant fashion!

Since then, MyChocolate has delivered thousands of indulgent chocolate events, including chocolate cocktail workshops held in The City through to a Ritz Hotel takeover for a chocolate tasting spectacular, we’ve done it all. From Hannah’s tiny flat in West London to running events for corporate giants such as the BBC, Grant Thornton and ASOS, our story continues to grow…

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Lee Lawrence

Managing Director
Favourite Chocolate:
Matcha and lime white

Emily Applewhite

Front of House and Operations Manager
Favourite Chocolate:
Salted caramel and raspberry ripple milk



Head Chocolatier


Head Chocolatier
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