When it comes to pairing chocolate, many immediately think of the classic winning combination with wine. However, the world of chocolate pairing is far more expansive and exciting than the traditional. In this exploration, we will venture beyond the basics, suggesting unique and creative chocolate pairing ideas that go beyond the ordinary and outline some things to think about when discovering your own delicious pairings.

From unexpected flavour combinations to tips for creating memorable pairings at home, let’s elevate your chocolate-tasting experience.

Exploring Various Flavour Combinations:

Chocolate and Cheese:

Move beyond the expected and pair your favourite chocolate with a selection of artisanal cheeses. The creaminess of brie, the sharpness of blue cheese, or the nuttiness of aged gouda can complement and enhance the nuanced flavours of different chocolates.

Chocolate and Spices:

Experiment with the exotic by pairing chocolate with various spices. A dark chocolate infused with chilli can create a spicy kick, while cinnamon or cardamom can add warmth and depth to the tasting experience.

Chocolate and Citrus:

The bright acidity of citrus fruits provides a refreshing contrast to the richness of chocolate. Try pairing dark chocolate with orange slices or try a bar of citrus-infused chocolate for an exciting and zesty surprise.

Chocolate and Herbs:

Delve into the herbaceous world by pairing chocolate with fresh herbs. Mint and chocolate are a classic combination, but consider more adventurous pairings like basil-infused chocolate or rosemary-infused dark chocolate.

Chocolate and Coffee:

While coffee and chocolate are often enjoyed separately, combining them can create a symphony of flavours. Experiment with different coffee varieties to find the perfect match for your favourite chocolate bar.

Chocolate and Spirits:

The velvety smooth feeling of chocolate contrasted with the boozy hit from a good whisky or rum can be very pleasant. Try a piece of 80% dark chocolate with your favourite rum or dark cocktail and see what you think!

Tips for Creating Memorable Pairings at Home:

Consider Intensity:

Match the intensity of the chocolate with its pairing. For example, a bold, dark chocolate may overpower a delicate fruit, while a lighter milk chocolate may pair beautifully with berries or honey.

Texture Matters:

Pay attention to the texture of both the chocolate and its pairing. Creamy chocolate can be accentuated by a crunchy companion, while a dense chocolate may be complemented by something soft and gooey.

Experiment with Contrasts:

Embrace the power of contrasts in flavour and temperature. Pairing a sweet chocolate with a salty element, or a chilled chocolate with a warm, savoury component, can create a memorable tasting experience.

Personalise the Experience:

Tailor your chocolate pairings to your personal preferences. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different elements to discover your unique and perfect combination.

Host a Chocolate Pairing Party:

Invite friends or family for a chocolate pairing party. Encourage everyone to bring their favourite chocolate and pairing suggestions, creating a diverse and enjoyable tasting experience.

Unlocking the potential of chocolate pairing goes far beyond convention, inviting you to savour the richness and diversity of flavours that chocolate can offer. So, the next time you indulge in a piece of chocolate, consider the endless possibilities that await when you step beyond the known.