Top 10 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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We may be a little biased and think that nothing could beat the gift of chocolate or – even better – a chocolate making experience for Mother’s Day, here’s a little list of our favourite ideas for Mother’s Day gifts and treats.

  1. Flowers

    What better way to brighten not only your mum’s day but her house too? A bunch of flowers hanging about your house is not only good for mental wellbeing, but they will also put you in your mum’s good books for sure! Flowers in season mid-march include the hyacinth, which is symbolic of love and sincerity, and the daffodil, the ultimate sign that spring has sprung!

  2. Cook a Meal

    It was, most likely, your mum who made sure you were fed and watered every day when you were little, so why not return the favour? A three course slap up meal that you’ve put the time and effort of making into will make your mum feel treasured as anything – as long as you do the washing up too.

  3. Cocktails

    To go alongside that scrumptious meal why not treat your mum with the fanciest of fancy drinks, and take her out for some cocktails? From espresso martini’s to mojito’s now being served in most bars, you can take your pick of where to take her out and treat her. If you fancy ramping up your cocktails to a whole other level, look at our luxury chocolate making experience where you can make your own cocktails and your own chocolates!

  4. Spa Day

    Of all people, your mum deserves some TLC. Book in a spa day so that she can get the rest, relaxation and pampering that she deserves. Spa’s get their name from the town in Belgium, named after the Latin word Spargere, which means to scatter, sprinkle, or moisten. In more modern times, spa’s offer everything from massages to facials. There’s an endless supply of relaxing treats perfect for your mum out there, just waiting to be enjoyed.

  5. Photo Album

    For the well thought out, homemade approach, a photo album is the way to go. Your mum loves nothing more than to show off photos of you and your achievements, and this way you can include her and hers in the album too. For a bigger photo gesture, you could even get a family photo printed onto a canvas, so she can hang it in her house, and remember how much you love her every time she looks at it.

  6. Afternoon tea

    It’s the quintessentially British way to while away an afternoon, and is perfect for mums and grandmas alike. Tea, cake, coffee, scones… and maybe Prosecco if you’re lucky. Afternoon Tea has been going in England since about 1840 when it was introduced by the seventh Duchess of Bedford, so it’s a time old tradition. Be sure to choose your venue wisely; why not go for an afternoon tea with a view, to make it an extra special treat.

  7. Breakfast in Bed

    The ultimate in treating your ma like the queen that she is, fresh coffee and carefully selected pastries delivered as she lingers in her lie in is the perfect start to mothering Sunday. Why not put one of her favourite flowers on the tray too, to make it tailor made just to her.

  8. CD Mix

    Another homemade, sure fire winner, burning your mum a CD playlist of her favourite songs that she loves to bop along to will show just how much you care. Making sure there’s a mix of the songs she liked when she was younger, the ones she likes now, and the ones you’ve listened to together, will show how much her music choices have influenced yours!

  9. Smellies

    A calming, relaxing, sweet smelling treat for your hard working mum will help her unwind and allow her to treat herself whenever she wants and needs. Be it a candle, bath bomb or even perfume, these gifts will not only show your mum that you care, but allow her some well-deserved me-time.

  10. Chocolate Making Experience

    And finally, our favourite, why not treat you and your mum to one of our chocolate making experiences? It’s a fun, informative and exciting way to spend time together, and you get to eat loads of chocolate together – what more could you want?

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