10 Top Tips To Organising A Successful Virtual Corporate Event

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If you are considering a virtual corporate team building event but don’t know where to start, have a look at the tips below to help you on your way!

  1. Choosing the right platform for your event

There are a wide range of options to choose for your virtual event including Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and more, each with plenty of great features from screen sharing, polling, live Q&A and host sharing. Think about what features you will want for your event so that there is interaction and that everything can flow smoothly.

  1. Be interactive & run a hands on experience

It’s easy to become distracted when we’ve spent so much time online, so make sure the event has elements of interaction to keep everyone engaged. If possible, make it a hands-on experience, where the team is creating something, whether drawing, cooking etc. This can be aided by making sure that you have a great host, who is charismatic, engaging and warm – the host needs to bring joy and light to the event so your team are able to escape and really enjoy the event. Here at My Chocolate, we pride ourselves on having exceptional hosts for our workshops!

  1. Number of participants

If you have a lot of people joining your event, do you want to do it all at the same time with the option to split into smaller groups at some point (for example, in a virtual breakout room)? This allows for interaction between team members at points in the event. Alternatively, you may want to book separate smaller events and to make it more intimate and personalised.

  1. Choosing the right time of day

Do you want it to begin, break up, or end your working day? Think what would be best as a motivator for your team. You could always do a poll or ask around for opinions and liaise with the event organisers to see if they can accommodate this. That way, your team feel listened to and heard which is so important. Additionally, are any of your team based overseas? If so, think of a time that will work for everyone. Nobody wants to be up in the middle of the night if they don’t have to be!

  1. Remind people it’s happening!

It is so easy to forget things, if we don’t remind ourselves constantly in this digital world. So remember to send emails or set reminders for your team in the run up to the event. If there is a hands on element, do the team need to prepare anything- keep them up to date, as it is a great way to build excitement within your team, so that they end up reminding each other!

  1. Prepare for technical troubles

As we have all discovered over the last year, technology is fantastic but it can crack under pressure. Make sure that you are in a good spot to receive a steady internet connection, so that you don’t keep dropping out and missing bits of the event.

  1. Is it an inclusive event?

Where possible, is the event inclusive and accessible by all members of the team so that they can all engage and take part in it? See if amendments can be made for any people that have specific requirements and check this with the event organiser before booking. Most companies will be able to work with you to facilitate this! For instance, here at My Chocolate we can cater to most allergies so everyone feels included.

  1. Make it creative and different

Look into an event that takes you away from the workplace and allows you to do something completely different and creative. It is really important to be able to switch off from work and engage a different part of the brain. Your team will thank you for it afterwards.

  1. Social aspect

Is there an element that allows for social interaction? What many people miss about being virtual is being around colleagues and having a laugh with one other. Make sure that you give time within the event for this interaction to take place, even if it is an unwind section afterwards. This is just as important as the content of the event itself.

  1. Have fun!

Most importantly, enjoy it! Nobody wants an event that will make you or others stressed. So make sure it will be fun- a lot of this will come down to your communication with event organisers and trusting them to do what they do best!

If all the above seems like a lot to take in, do not worry, My Chocolate have run virtual workshops for clients such as Apple, Amazon, BBC and Facebook. We can take care of your event by offering an interactive, fun and creative event for your and your team. Have a look through what we offer and get in touch, we will do the rest!

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