Truffle Kit Instructions

If you missed your Virtual Truffle Making, fear not, we have all the instructions you need below. Be sure to temper your chocolate first using our guide here.

To make your delicious chocolate truffles:

1. Make sure you have picked up a pot of fresh, double cream or coconut cream (not included in the truffle kit).

2. Temper your chocolate as per our Easy Tempering Guide.

3. Lay out your parchment paper and have your equipment ready – you’ll need bowls, saucepans, cutlery, scissors and a napkin or paper towel.

4. In a small mixing bowl or cereal bowl, mix 8 tablespoons of tempered dark chocolate with 4 tablespoons of cold, fresh double cream or coconut cream. Mix quickly to form a thick ganache – this is the delicious centre to your truffles.

5. Next, you need to transfer the ganache into your piping bag. Roll down the top of the piping bag so you are holding around 20cm of the tip in your hand (if easier, you can place the piping bag in a glass instead), spoon the ganache into the piping bag.

6. Then, cut a £1 size piece off the tip of the piping bag. Pipe your truffles straight onto the parchment paper (leave some space for your decorated truffles later). You want to make them bite size. (Don’t worry if they don’t look perfect, the next step is to shape them).

7. If you have cocoa powder (or hot chocolate powder as an alternative!) use this to help shape your truffles, it’ll act like flour when you’re rolling dough. If not, don’t worry, just work quickly! You want to use the tips of your fingers to gently press the truffle into a round shape. Don’t use the palms of your hands as they’re too hot and you’ll end up a sticky mess!

8. Now it’s the dipping and decorating. Check your chocolate is still tempered (add it to the heat again to loosen up if needed) then drop a truffle into the chocolate. Use a fork to make sure the truffle is coated in chocolate then scoop out the truffle (don’t stab it with the fork or you’ll get a holey truffle) and tap the fork on the edge of the bowl to remove any excess chocolate. Put the truffle straight on the parchment. Top with delicious decorations!

9. Dip and decorate to your heart’s content! Tip: You may want to add a chew or crunch in the centre of the ganache before you dip your truffle – like a honeycomb surprise!

10. If you have any leftover melted chocolate, you could make giant chocolate buttons or slabs with it (you can see some on our Instagram: mychocolate_uk). You can create marbled designs by drizzling dark chocolate over the milk chocolate then gently dragging
a clean knife across the surface of the chocolate in the opposite direction.

Now you can gobble up all your delicious truffles!